The Heart is Abundant

Like a river, gushing and leaping
Always flowing through my veins for you
It escapes the calm exterior in animated spills
Especially in our brief moments together, those few

The heart is abundant, yet the force contained
Nurturing me and the lush surround
Wishful, you ask me to find the sea
As if I am yet to touch the ground

Winding through the land, spreading but not thin
I have my eyes out in every direction
But what if the sea is just my end, and not my means?
What if the flow is my home, my true inspiration?

Beauty of Insanity

A touch, a smile, a passion, a love
Unlike us, these are not prisoners of time
We seek, before and after we taste
Not realizing that our longest relationship, is with longing itself

Heart is a tempest, in magic and void
The beauty, is in riding its waves
The art of sanity, however, is in
Knowing, that every ripple is the same and eternal

In the Thick of the Forest

In the thick of the forest
With the fog, cold and sounds blurring your senses
Do you try to shed the obscuring cloud?
Or do you wear it like a cape instead?

On the winding paths of purpose
As you catch your breath
Does the sight of flowers nurtured by your sweat soothe you?
Or does the distant promise still bother you instead?

You know you can fly, above this dense
A clear view ahead and wind by your side
Do you search for your wings that hide from you?
Or do you just go ahead and dive with faith instead?

Lines of Time

Time has always marked us with lines
When born, we call them fingerprints and dimples
After a few decades, we call them wrinkles

You see the lines that time added around my eyes
The ones I see more when I look into the mirror
Are the ones that time added to my spirit

Still a child, I believed in my supernatural abilities
Youthful but naïve, I fought the scars of my wounds
Now, I accept them with camaraderie

Admiring them for all the tests they stood
Understanding them for all the ones they didn’t
And still hoping that zest will persevere beyond their wisdom

You Enable Her

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To young fathers,
I see the delight when you look into your daughter’s eyes
I know the way your heart beats for her
I know you would jump into the sky to get her the stars
I know you’ll fight for the world to be her oyster

To older mothers,
I know you don’t see your children differently when they are that young
But as she starts to grow, you teach her to accept based on your experience
You have passed on some of your dreams, and some you have lived through her
But during crucial times, you pass on your belief of adherence

To older fathers,
She is your joy that eases your day
You hold her gentle like a flower
You always want to give her everything
And fear the day when her wellness is not within your power

To young mothers,
You know the fight she has to fight
You know you have to run and pass the baton
You let her dream, you let her fly
Hoping not everything she’ll ask for will still be Latin

Know that you are the ones who decide how she lives
Know that those without daughters may not know the women of the times
You are the ones that have to take a stance and make her able
You are the ones that have to think and act betimes

You teach and enable her when mothers also keep and pass their name
You teach and enable her when you show you are equals in this game
You teach and enable her when you reflect on where to place the blame
You teach and enable her when you stand with her without shame

Justice, Not Revenge

Privilege is the hand that helps as we climb a ladder
Privilege is being able to go out without a cloak
Privilege is knowing you won’t be asked more of yourself than others
Privilege is feeling safe among all the other folk

Privilege is what we held on to
When we pretended to establish equality
If you ever had to pick yourself up after losing everything
You may begin to imagine the strength it takes to stand calamity after calamity

Even those of us, who haven’t meant harm
Have used the helping hands for our own climb
Knowing all too well in our hearts
who our climb was going to leave behind

We may have felt guilt, we may have sought repentance
Our hearts may have pained at others’ injustice
Silent bystanders so far, not knowing what we could do
Are being told how we could stand together this solstice

Let us learn to see another person
Beyond their biologically adapted trait to sun exposure
We all have color and we all wear a shade
Let us not hide any longer behind our masquerade

Let us have more faith in our abilities to seek and forgive
Let us focus on the efforts to amend
Let us be humble and thankful
That what’s being sought is justice, not revenge

Do we see Him?

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An old man, thin and frail
Smile that extends to his deep set eyes
Veins that have stood with him through the decades
Lines that have shaped with his life

Not a glamorous job, not a different vibe
Not different goals, the same old strive
Money for the food, roof for the family
Survive the system, manage bare dignity

But he was once young, he was once handsome
He once had eyes filled with dreams
He dreamed of love, he dreamed of standing up
He too dreamed of purpose and meaning

Is it fair that only some have the chance
to pursue their dreams beyond youth?
Should privilege define our lives so?
Because that is our ugly truth

Times Like This

A tiny particle challenged the reigning species again
It brought the global hustle to a stand still
We, who are always willing to run others over
We are now, at the other end of the kill

Communications between two is hard enough
We are witnessing attempts of communications to billions
Watching leaders and masses has been humbling, frustrating and entertaining
And the shares and forwards about them have amounted to gazillions

To some, this is not about #WFH but survival
Some struggle to breathe and receive appropriate care
Some struggle to make ends meet and feed other mouths
Some essential workers are doing everyone’s fair share

Many others find this hard to understand and believe
Many are trying to cope with the inconvenience of being limited to home
Many are renewing interests and honing skills
Many are letting their skepticism and imagination wildly roam

We found huge sums of money (‘for people in need’)
We found ways to negotiate wars (that kill as many as covid19)
We found time for family and friends (quite creatively too)
We found time to pause from our never-ending chores

Air that couldn’t be cleansed took some breaths
Other species pushed to corners found some space
Life in water too took some leaps
And spring blossomed prettier without the human chase

Times like this expose many truths
Times like this can teach many lessons
Times like this have come and gone
Why don’t we still seem to catch the essence?