Times Like This

A tiny particle challenged the reigning species again
It brought the global hustle to a stand still
We, who are always willing to run others over
We are now, at the other end of the kill

Communications between two is hard enough
We are witnessing attempts of communications to billions
Watching leaders and masses has been humbling, frustrating and entertaining
And the shares and forwards about them have amounted to gazillions

To some, this is not about #WFH but survival
Some struggle to breathe and receive appropriate care
Some struggle to make ends meet and feed other mouths
Some essential workers are doing everyone’s fair share

Many others find this hard to understand and believe
Many are trying to cope with the inconvenience of being limited to home
Many are renewing interests and honing skills
Many are letting their skepticism and imagination wildly roam

We found huge sums of money (‘for people in need’)
We found ways to negotiate wars (that kill as many as covid19)
We found time for family and friends (quite creatively too)
We found time to pause from our never-ending chores

Air that couldn’t be cleansed took some breaths
Other species pushed to corners found some space
Life in water too took some leaps
And spring blossomed prettier without the human chase

Times like this expose many truths
Times like this can teach many lessons
Times like this have come and gone
Why don’t we still seem to catch the essence?

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