Times Like This

A tiny particle challenged the reigning species again
It brought the global hustle to a stand still
We, who are always willing to run others over
We are now, at the other end of the kill

Communications between two is hard enough
We are witnessing attempts of communications to billions
Watching leaders and masses has been humbling, frustrating and entertaining
And the shares and forwards about them have amounted to gazillions

To some, this is not about #WFH but survival
Some struggle to breathe and receive appropriate care
Some struggle to make ends meet and feed other mouths
Some essential workers are doing everyone’s fair share

Many others find this hard to understand and believe
Many are trying to cope with the inconvenience of being limited to home
Many are renewing interests and honing skills
Many are letting their skepticism and imagination wildly roam

We found huge sums of money (‘for people in need’)
We found ways to negotiate wars (that kill as many as covid19)
We found time for family and friends (quite creatively too)
We found time to pause from our never-ending chores

Air that couldn’t be cleansed took some breaths
Other species pushed to corners found some space
Life in water too took some leaps
And spring blossomed prettier without the human chase

Times like this expose many truths
Times like this can teach many lessons
Times like this have come and gone
Why don’t we still seem to catch the essence?

Dear Friend

Morning (bottom) and evening (top): The things we take for granted, without knowing if we will have another.

In these riddles
I have you in my mind

The days, the seasons
That which has been constant
That which we knew wasn’t forever
That which is a habit now

We cannot hold on even if we wanted to
We will be thankful for what we have
But eyes do well up
At the prospect of not having another day, another season.

Seasons, the cycle of life: Everything comes and goes, what are we trying to hold on to?

Earth: What we all have in common.

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A long overdue post to potentially curb the itching on my hands with the overwhelming emotion in my heart. It is all over social media, it is in every person’s compassionate thoughts. Many weep within, concerned and many more do what they can- adding drops of life into what is becoming a dark, smoky, and human-only inhabited world. We as a species act in a considerably more reckless and negligent way than any other life form out there. We take nature‚Äôs abundance for granted and are arrogant with power. We have become far too comfortable in trying to live as per our will that we have forgotten to be gracious to leave things as we find them. We have forgotten to be kind towards fellow living beings and understand that the luxury of will is a big responsibility.

As humans, we imagine, explore, build, mobilize and seek more. However, a lot of times, we perform these actions, neglecting to pause on its potential impact on nature and resources, other humans, animals and plants. Sometimes we do try to address our ethical and moral duties, but even then, the balance we reach is skewed to our end for the most part. It took us thousands of years before we acknowledged that all humans were equally worthy and deserving. How long is it going to take us to realize that nature is equally worthy and deserving? What good is it if we are the ones to lose? Yes, we won’t know the answers to begin with, but we can certainly learn!

Predation in nature is vital for survival. We predate not just plants and animals, but even air, ground and materials. We do this – neither in harmony nor to survive, but for greed, and to an extent of wastage beyond consumption. The more we afford to consume, the higher is our responsibility toward life and existence. If we are capable of excess, why not leave the world better than when we received it? If we are proud of our abilities, why not recognize survival instinct in another human or animal? And if we can will, why not will a world where the surroundings are still lush and green, with streams and waterfalls flowing into rivers and oceans, and where all life forms can breathe, eat and live a healthy life.

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We have to be accountable for our actions. Period.